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The story begins with Laurie’s deep of love coffee. So much so she would buy 2 venti caramel macchiatos, extra hot and an extra shot, every time she went to the city just so she’d have enough coffee to last for the hour drive home. Naturally, when you love something you try to find a way to be closer to it…so Latte on the Square was birthed!

In 2005, Laurie and her husband Ricky officially opened the company in a small corner space on the historic square of La Grange, Texas. What once was a faint dream quickly turned into a true accomplishment. Their business wasn’t just a company they owned, but really another member of the family. Their kids worked there through high school, many lifelong friendships had formed through customers and employees, and new love for coffee was blossoming all over the town as people discovered the beauty in REAL coffee!!

Fast forward to December 2011, Laurie and Ricky decided to split ownership of the company with their daughter Christina, who had worked there from the ripe old age of 14. Little did the 3 of them know that God was brewing up a bigger plan for them all. In June 2012 they founded Latte on the Square in Columbus, Texas. From there things continued to blossom- offering a larger menu to include food, relocating the original store to a larger space a few doors down, opening a bakery area, changing the company from Latte on the Square to Latte Cafe and now Christina who once just worked there as a preteen has since then been married and created the newest “barista in training” grand baby! Who knows what the future brings!

Here at Latte Cafe, we don’t just sell coffee and make sandwiches. We truly love what we do and are zealous about the flavor of coffee and the delectable taste of food. We have continued the tradition of making lifelong friends through the business and desire to always stay humble before our customers. We aren’t in the business to simply make money, but to share the love and passion that has been given to us. We strive to serve with a smile and have that “homey” feeling that makes you feel like family too.


About our clan

Christina, Dustin and their
daughter Grace                                                                    Rick and Laurie46747909_10155802470781156_4914078138704592896_n                   35533718_10216808949762390_5696379631075065856_n

Rick and Laurie have 3 kids: Steven, Christina and Kevin (not in that order!). Kevin married Laura and have 2 children together. Christina+Dustin-544.jpg


Laurie Pereyda, Owner

Christina Burton, Owner